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“Mrs Singh was a great tutor who made Physics interesting by teaching it an engaging way and always putting in all her effort to teach. She was always happy to share and help me understand the extensive branches of Physics in way that made it so easy.”

Kabir Agrawal | Sydney, Australia | 2019-01-22 03:28:06

“To miss Hemlata: Miss Hemlata is a very caring and very understandable teacher as she teaches me. She makes me understand very well and if i don't she double checks and reexplains it so i can understand easily. If there is any problem miss would cheer me up and make me feel happy. When miss Hemlata is teaching you would feel excitement when she is teaching because she make learning in a way very fun. The example that she gives you will just stick in your mind and never be forgotten cause she relates that example in a real life situation. ”

Amir Hossain | New York, USA | 2019-02-04 01:42:45

“For the past few months of you all(Mr. Amit Kumar Jha, Ms. Hemlata and Ms. Sharda) teaching me, I can only commend you and thank you very much for all of the time and endeavour you have put into teaching me! You have already taught me so much and made me see a different perspective in all subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, which has benefited me so much! Furthermore, your way of teaching is like none other I've ever encountered; you really put things into perspective and help visualize the hardest things, always making sure that I understand it. Thank you all so much for being such astonishing teachers, albeit you feel more like friends to me :) P.S. although our time differences vary over 5+ hours, you are always able to fit into my schedule and help me towards my goals!”

Musa Sayid | Preston, England, UK | 2019-02-04 01:33:33

“Ms Sharada is an amazing teacher who puts in all her effort and time to help me understand the two subjects I am taking with her Chemistry and Biology. I've learned and understood more than what I've known before and when I need the help she's always there to help me. She makes learning fun and enjoyable and I'm glad she is my teacher.”

Aminah Hossain | New York, USA | 2019-02-04 01:41:23

“Mrs. Hemlata Singh was a great support when I was struggling in my high school physics class, allowing me to succeed and apply the skills as a current university student. She was always prepared with clear and easy-to-understand explanations and receptive to any questions or anything that needed more in-depth insight. Additionally, she had multiple examples to solve and had great advice for easier tips. Her expertise and enthusiasm in the subject was definitely reflected in her style of teaching. Within just a few months of tutoring sessions, I had a great grasp of the topics being taught in school and gained more confidence to complete the course with an A+ grade. As a student of Mrs. Singh, I am forever grateful for her professional help and hope others can find the guidance they need through her tutoring!”

Stacey Jose | Dallas, Texas, USA | 2019-02-04 07:24:27

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